Niels Waller


“I prefer to lie in my hammock all day trying not to think about anything.” 


Have I always liked to draw? Yes and no. No. Not only because I love all facets of creativity and must rather say: I’ve always liked to make things up.

And yes, because I want my fantasies to become reality and that works best with my drawing. But there have always been phases in which I don’t draw anything at all, but write, model or build something.

Then there was this one week I guess almost four years ago – It was a warm summer, I was sitting on the balcony ready to draw a little bit. A rough sketch which was flying around for ages. A natural arch and some grassland I scribbled during some course at university.

But I couldn’t stop drawing, tried out new techniques and was totally in the flow. What started as an afternoon became seven days, what started as a little sketch became the Moorings of Je Olde Kratt.

I was surprised. I had never painted anything so good. I had suddenly reached a new level after a long time.

Why I had been studying all kinds of stuff but never illustration my girlfriend asked. Good question, was my answer and I started brooding. I guess I just had to many interests and was jumping from project to project without ever finishing one.

And then there was this one day I guess in mid 2016. I’d recently discovered the great book The One Thing from Gary Keller. And while I was reading enthusiastically I suddenly saw two things pretty clear.

Myself –  in the summer. My kids play in the garden. And I sit under a tree and draw. And I am children’s book author and illustrator.

And I saw me – the first core message from The One Thing – as I make something for my childen’s book project every day. Draw, write or just think about it. And- this is the second – how I won`t touch any other project. Until I finally publish my first very own children’s book.

Whether I succeed and what I learned on my way you will find out here.


You have ideas, questions or an interesting project?


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